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Big City Hoops is headquartered in the South Bay of San Diego. With our location we have almost immediate access to players, coaches and basketball junkies around the area. We decided to dedicate a section of our website as well as writers and analyst to cover news as well as provide updates and information about girls basketball players and events primarily in the South Bay. Big City Hoops does cover players and events across the county, due to our presence and access to the area, this page of the website will cover information primarily in the South Bay.

CIF Names South Bay Athletic director Joe Heinz as new CIF commissioner

With current CIF commissioner Jerry Schniepp and John Labeta set to retire from their position. The duties of the 6th CIF commissioner has been appointed to the current south bay athletic director Joe Heinz. Heinz is a Chula Vista High School alum where he played football and continued his football career at SDSU. Once he graduated from high school he moved into coaching football at his Alma mater. He began administration work within the sweetwater union high school district until he was named the south bay athletic director in 2013.

Prior to Joe Heinz, current CIF commissioner Jerry Schneipp was the head of the south bay athletics. Fast forward to 2020 and Joe Heinz is once again taking over a position held by Jerry Schniepp. Joe brings a great deal of experience and knowledge in high school athletics. Education based athletics is a passion for Joe Heinz and he is looking to take CIF to the next level and provide opportunity to student athletes. Click here for the interview with Joe Heinz.